Have you been injured due to a Criminal Act?

We can help you recover compensation for your injuries from £1,000.00 to £500,000.00

We will proceed on a no win no fee basis with no risk to you.

We will fight to recover the compensation that you deserve and deal with matters on your behalf.

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What can you claim compensation for?

Physical Injuries

Psychological Trauma

Sexual Abuse

Loss of Earnings in line with Statutory Sick pay

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They had my house repaired in no time


Really happy with the service and the money Received


Thanks for the help. Highly recommended


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We will claim against a government scheme set up to compensate you for your criminal injuries.

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What are the basic requirements?

The Disrepair must be Reported to the Council or Housing Association

It must not be caused by the Tenant

The Council or Housing Association must have failed to repair

How we can help 

No win no fee with no risk to you

We Arrange Repairs and get you Compensation

We do everything on your behalf

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The repairs are carried out to a high standard

You can claim for the following

Leaks or Water Damage

Mould/Fungus or Damp


Defective Boiler

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Fighting for Tenants Rights

Homes Repaired & £1000s Paid Out In Compensation Using our Simple Risk Free Process

We've recovered £1000s for Tenants who have been ignored by their Council/Housing Association

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Defective Windows/Doors

Internal/External Structural Damage

Defective/Dangerous Electrics

Insects/Mouse Infestation